Friday, January 1, 2010

What impact will Cloud Computing have on philosophy and society as a whole?

I am interested to hear coments on how philosophy might change or be in the process of changing due to continued advances in technology. Cloud Computing seems to be moving forward and I think in time our digital lives will be almost exclusively in the cloud. So what will be the impact? YouTube for example, has had a huge impact on society, so has FaceBook and Linkedin. So from a social perspective, we already spend time in the cloud, but what about business? How will the landscape of business change? What moral and ethical issues (not to mention legal) will the cloud have on the way we conduct business?
I am in the process of gathering data and articles for a literature review, so if anyone has anything they think might help to define this topic I would greatly appreciate a link to it.
Thanks for your comments.

Note: I posted this in the Philosophy Network on Linkedin.

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